Atlantic Bluefin Tuna

The Atlantic bluefin tuna is a species of tuna in the family Scombridae. It is variously known as the northern bluefin tuna and giant bluefin tuna. It may exceed 900 kg (2,000 lb) in weight. More than 80% Atlantic bluefin tuna have been sold in Japan, mostly auctioned, at the famous Tsukiji (now as Toyosu) Market in Tokyo.

Sea Urchin

Sea urchins or urchins are typically spiny, globular animals, echinoderms in the class Echinoidea. About 950 species live on the seabed, inhabiting all oceans and depth zones from the intertidal to 5,000 metres. Their tests are round and spiny, typically from 3 to 10 cm across. Atlantic round sea urchin is very quality sold as whole or roe.


The American lobster is a species of lobster found on the Atlantic coast of North America, chiefly from Labrador to New Jersey. It is also known as Atlantic lobster, Canadian lobster, true lobster, northern lobster, Canadian Reds, or Maine lobster. In China market, the most of Chinese call it as Boston lobster.

Snow Crab

Chionoecetes opilio, is a species of snow crab, also known as opilio crab or opies, is a predominantly epifaunal crustacean native to shelf depths in the northwest Atlantic Ocean and north Pacific Ocean. It is a well-known commercial species of Chionoecetes, often caught with traps or by trawling.

Rock Crab

Cancer pagurus, commonly known as the edible crab or brown crab, is a species of crab found in the North Sea, North Atlantic Ocean, and perhaps the Mediterranean Sea. It is a robust crab of a reddish-brown colour, having an oval carapace with a characteristic “pie crust” edge and black tips to the claws.

Atlantic Cod

The Atlantic cod is a benthopelagic fish of the family Gadidae, widely consumed by humans. It is also commercially known as cod or codling. Dry cod may be prepared as unsalted stockfish, as cured salt cod or clipfish. The Atlantic cod from New Foundland & Labdor and other eastern provices of Canada is the best quality one in the world.

Pacific Salmon

Oncorhynchus is a genus of fish in the family Salmonidae; it contains the Pacific salmon and Pacific trout. The name of the genus is derived from the Greek onkos and rynchos, in reference to the hooked jaws of males in the mating season. We can find Chinook, Chum, Coho, Pink, Sockeye, Steelhead, and Cutthroat in Western Canada.

Pacific Oyster

The Pacific oyster, Japanese oyster, or Miyagi oyster, previously and currently also known as Crassostrea gigas, considered by part of the scientific community to be the proper denomination as an accepted alternative in WoRMS, is an oyster native to the Pacific coast of Canada.